Flow Battery Technology

Imergy Power Systems ’s Storage Platform (ESP) is based on redox flow battery technology, the most cost-effective and reliable solution for the energy storage requirements of mission-critical applications.

How it works:

  • imergy-flow-processA flow battery is charged and discharged by a reversible reduction-oxidation reaction between the two liquid electrolytes of the battery
  • Unlike conventional batteries, electrolytes are stored in separated storage tanks, not in the power cell of the battery
  • During operation these electrolytes are pumped through a stack of power cells, in which a chemical redox reaction takes place and electricity is produced
  • The design of the power cell can be optimized for the power rating needed, since this is independent of the amount of electrolyte


  • Dilute single acid electrolyte
  • Proprietary catalyst
  • Low-cost separator/membrane
  • Integrated electronics for control and power conditioning
  • Discharge to charge ratio > 1.0
  • Remote control and monitoring option


  • Unlimited cycle life due to no solid state reaction
  • Reliable and consistent power availability enabled by fast charge and discharge times
  • Customized, separate power and capacity specifications for different applications
  • Durable operations in rugged, remote outdoor environments up to 50°C