Advanced technology that meets today’s growing demand for economical, reliable and safe high-performance energy storage solutions.

At Imergy Power Systems we are leveraging the transformative power of our next-generation flow battery technology to enable the creation of groundbreaking systems for storing and sharing power. Our Energy Storage Platform (ESP) allows users to scale up power and storage capacity independently of one another, making it far more flexible and cost-effective than any other battery available. With this game-changing technology, we provide individuals and businesses a cost effective solution to reduce energy costs, stabilize the grid, and fully unlock the potential of renewable energy sources—all this, in an energy storage system that dramatically reduces the physical dangers and environmental toxicity inherent in other batteries and uses commonly available material often available as a waste product of other processes.  Imergy is enabling a new era of energy distribution in which power truly lies in the hands of the people.

Next-Generation Energy Storage Platform (ESP)
Imergy’s ESP product family significantly improves the cost and reliability of electricity while transforming batteries from short-lived, consumables into long-lasting assets. With more than 100 cumulative years of demonstrated results and dozens of installations in emerging market applications, Imergy Power Systems ’s proven, reliable ESP flow battery technology reduces CO2 emissions and transforms rechargeable batteries from short-lived consumables to long-lasting capital assets. For tomorrow’s grid storage applications, the ESP platform easily scales to higher powers where long duration and low lifetime operating cost are key.
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Our Technology

The Imergy Power Systems technology consists of a proprietary, low cost, redox flow battery, combined with power electronics and controls mounted in self-contained transportable containers ranging from 2.5 kW up to 250kW. Based on its ability to scale storage duration separately from power, it is able to adjust and match any load profile in order to reduce and manage energy bills, as well as to “firm” up intermittent resources. Unlike other flow batteries, the Imergy Power Systems solution can operate at 50 Celsius without the need for cooling and with no impact on its life or cycling capability. This provides the most cost effective stationary energy solution for users. Imergy Power Systems is recognized year after year for its innovative, sustainable energy solutions. The ESP is proven with more than 100 cumulative years of demonstrated results, with multiple customers and dozens of installations in extreme and remote environments.
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